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Unofficial Thomas the Tank Engine site


Thomas the Tank Engine was created by the Rev. W. Awdry about 50 years ago for his son Christopher; the original stories can be found in the "The Railway Series." In 1984, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends was recreated by Britt Allcroft and brought to us through the PBS program Shining Time Station. Thomas the Tank engine has also been one of our kids favorites.  It sparks the imagination and has helped our kids learn real issues in life.  Sometimes I think it would be great to be and engine, and maybe have a smile on my face always! 

If you ever have a chance-visit a day out with Thomas!


Thomas the Tank Engine's latest video was just released May 1st!  When you order it on DVD it comes with Jack the front loader, a new character in the Thomas the tank engine series!


Some of the quotes on the following pages come from the 1994 Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Calendar and information was pulled from the Thomas the Tank Engine Storybook published by Random House. Additional information comes from watching countless hours of Thomas the Tank Engine videos with the whole family. Recently there have been some new videos that have come out-these two are the latest and they come with engines!  Wow!



Thomas the Tank Engine, favorite station is Shining Time Station on the Island of Sodor.  This is the magical model railroad where Thomas lives.There are many Thomas the Tank engine  videos and DVD's available, they feature Thomas and his friends, including other steam engines and diesels like, Bertie, Daisy, Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Henry, James, Diesel, Bill, Ben, Harold, Cranky the Crane, Toby, Henrietta, Annie, Clarabell, Duck, Mavis, Terence, Donald and Douglas, .  Some of the voices that have been involved with Thomas the Tank engine include George Carlin, Ringo Starr, Alec Baldwin


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